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>> QUESTION: Who is Kirsten Price?

Hmm, where do I start!?

Kirsten is a former Wicked Pictures contract girl…
and if you know the adult industry, then you know
Wicked girls are the HOTTEST in the biz!


She's won 3 prestigious AVN Awards for her work,
not to mention she HOSTED the Awards Show in

kirsten hosting AVN

But Kirsten's real passion is helping guys improve
their success with women… and the results her
students have had with her secrets are AMAZING…

Not to mention… Kirsten has taken many of my sex
techniques and greatly IMPROVED them! You'll be
blown away by the naughty moves she has to make
your girl SCREAM!

What is Female Mind Mastery?

Kirsten has a unique system for leading a woman
from conversation to the bedroom… then BLOWING
HER MIND once you get there! And in Female Mind
Mastery, she shows you ALL OF IT.

The program starts off with Kirsten showing you her
7 special techniques for making a woman HORNY
for you

Most guys, when they talk to women, totally forget
we are SEXUAL CREATURES too! So making her
HORNY is the first step to getting her into bed.

When you know these 7 things, it's easy to get a
woman aroused… and you can do it in your very
FIRST conversation with her.

Next, Kirsten shows you her special techniques for
getting physical with a woman… and closing the

You'll learn innocent touches that get her even
MORE excited… how to "read" her body so you
know exactly when to make a move… then how to
get the kiss without rejection.

Next - and this is sooo IMPORTANT - Kirsten shows
you her "seduction sequences" that get a woman so
worked up she has to have you!

How many times has a date ended for you with just
a kiss? Well no more… because in this next section,
she shows you exactly how to go from the kiss… to
taking her clothes off… to getting her to take YOUR
clothes off… to powerful foreplay tricks that get her
WET and BEGGING for it.

>>QUESTION: Will we get Kirsten's Sex Techniques?


Female Mind Mastery is a COMPLETE system to
mastering a woman's mind… AND her body.

One of the BIGGEST parts of the program are the
advanced sex techniques!

Kirsten and Maddy demo

We went ALL OUT for this sexual instruction portion
of the program… bringing in 7 STUNNING female
co-stars and 2 of the biggest male adult stars in the
business today!

You're going to learn from:










… and of course, the naughtiest and most
ADVANCED techniques will be demonstrated
by Kirsten Price herself ;)

>>QUESTION: I'm not the type of guy who gets a lot
of girls… will the attraction stuff still work for me?

YES. In fact, if you've struggled with getting girls in
the past… or if you feel you aren't getting girls
because of your looks, height, or the amount of
money in your bank account… then Female Mind
Mastery is ESPECIALLY for you.


Well, I'm not going to bullshit you - a tall guy with a
great bod is always gonna have an easier time
meeting women.

Good looks are a great way to "open the door".

BUT… that doesn't necessarily mean he's gonna
GET the girl.

I get hit on by good looking guys every day. And I
reject almost ALL of them.

You see, here's the BIG DIFFERENCE between
women and men:

Men NEED physical attraction in order to get turned

For us girls, while yes, it can help…

Captivating our MIND is far more important!

When you know how to capture a woman's mind,
she begins to look PAST your looks.

All "logic" disappears. It doesn't MATTER how much
money you have… what her friends think about you…
or what you do for a living. She becomes powerfully
attracted to you in a way that is much more INTENSE
than mere physical attraction… and she won't be
able to control it!

In Female Mind Mastery, you're going to learn the 7
secrets to captivating a woman's mind.

THAT is the real secret to making a woman want
you. Once you capture her mind… she'll be
LONGING for you to take her body!

I think you can now see why I'm so excited for this
program's release.

The 1000 guys who get it are going to gain a HUGE,

>>QUESTION: What if I already have a girlfriend?

If you're in a relationship right now, knowing how to
capture your girl's mind is STILL very important!

Remember, the mind is where our SEXUAL thoughts
Our urges don't start in our bodies like yours
do. They start in our heads.

So knowing how to spark SEXUAL DESIRE in a girl
can be very handy in a relationship. Use this skill to
get her "in the mood" whenever you like… then use
Kirsten's advanced sexual techniques to ROCK
HER WORLD like you never have before!

Really, Female Mind Mastery is a skill every guy
would LOVE to have in his arsenal. But to keep it
limited, only 1000 Access Codes will be released.

>>QUESTION: What if I can't make the Female
Mind Mastery Live Event?

The FMM Live Event is going to be AWESOME…
and we want to make sure every one of the 1000
guys who gets in gets to benefit. So even if you
can't make it in person, you'll get access to the
video recordings of it so you don't miss a thing.

NOTE: The recordings and the event itself are
ONLY for the guys who get in on this release.
Tickets to the event will NOT be sold to the public,
and the recordings will never be sold or released

>>QUESTION: How much is Female Mind Mastery
going to cost me?

The EXACT price of Female Mind Mastery is not
yet decided, but… I want to be straight forward with

Kirsten is not just a dating coach… but a minor
celebrity in her own right. Guys regularly pay her $250
an hour for personal coaching.

Female Mind Mastery contains her ENTIRE system…
which would normally cost thousands to learn… and
producing the hours of high-definition footage in the
Member's Area, after we paid the camera crew and
editors, cost us several thousand dollars as well.

Plus… you're also getting a ticket to our first LIVE
Event. This event will be top notch with ground-
breaking NEW content and multiple stars presenting.
Not to mention the high def camera crew, venue rental,
and surprise bonuses to give out the day of the event.

I promise you this:

Female Mind Mastery will be the highest quality (and
most comprehensive) training program ever produced
on dating and sex

My business advisors are telling me it needs to be
priced at $1000. Even though I feel the ability to
capture the mind and body of any woman is worth
more than that, I want to make it available to guys
who don't have that kind of money.

Stay posted and I will let you know what the price is
as soon as I figure it out

>>QUESTION: How do I secure my spot in the

Now THAT is the most important question of all!

The release of this program has set off a FRENZY
like I have never seen before! We've gotten nearly
15,000 emails from guys telling us they want this
program with more coming in by the minute.

Because of capacity limits for the Live Event, and to
keep the techniques in the program exclusive, this
Saturday, February 9th, just 1000 Access Codes to
will be released.

Everything has been set up online, in a Private
Member's Area… so you can access the videos
right from the privacy of your computer… minutes
after you sign up!


In addition the almost 15,000 guys who've written in,
Kirsten has 140,071 twitter followers, all of who are
probably gonna want in on this release.

These 1000 Access Codes are going to be swooped
up FAST.

But since you're a member of my email newsletter, I
want to make sure YOU get first shot at the program.

So… I've set up a special Early Bird List for you.

Go here and enter your name and email address, and
come Saturday, I'll send you a special SECRET
ORDER LINK that goes live ONE FULL HOUR before
the program is released to the public


Get on the Early Bird List

Ok, I think that covers just about everything!

This is turning out to be the BIGGEST thing we have
ever done over here and I'm so excited to have you
as a part of it! Go get on the Early Bird List now…
then mark your calendar for Saturday, February 9th
at 12 noon.

That's the time your sex life is gonna forever change ;)



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